An Introduction to the ISO 9001 Quality Management System

The course provides an introduction to the ISO 9001:2015 Quality Management Standard requirements.  The course details each requirement of the standard and how this can be achieved in a quality management system for an organisation.  Practical examples provide an insight into the implementation and operation of quality management systems in a variety of business sectors.

Employers are required to appoint a Competent Person

Module 1 Overview of ISO 9001 and its Relevance to Business
Unit 1 Business Benefits from ISO 9001  
Unit 2 Identifying Key Interested Parties & Stakeholders  
Unit 3 Key Business Issues & Risks  
Unit 4 Communication, Resources, Training & Competence  
Unit 5 Documented Information  
Module 2 Implementing a Quality Management System
Unit 1 A Process Approach to Quality Management  
Unit 2 Establishing a Quality Culture  
Unit 3 Leadership & Management  
Unit 4 Integration of Other Management Systems  
Unit 5 Performance, Evaluation & Analysis  
Unit 6 Certification