Health & Safety for Directors

Failure to include health and safety as a key business risk in board decisions can have catastrophic results. Many high-profile safety cases over the years have been rooted in failures of leadership.

Health and safety law places duties on organisations and employers, and directors can be personally liable when these duties are breached: members of the board have both collective and individual responsibility for health and safety within their organisation.

The course is delivered by a director and barrister with over 10 years experience in strategic health and safety management.

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Module 1 The Legal Responsibilities of Directors for Health & Safety
Unit 1 Legislation, Guidance & Enforcement  
Unit 2 The Health & Safety at Work etc Act 1974  
Module 2 The Director's Role in Leading Health & Safety Management
Unit 1 Health & Safety Policy  
Unit 2 Roles & Responsibilities  
Unit 3 Organisational Arrangements  
Module 3 The 4 Point Agenda for Effective Health & Safety Management
Unit 1 Plan  
Unit 2 Do  
Unit 3 Check  
Unit 4 Act